Headache & Migraine Relief FAQs

If you experience headaches and migraines, you know they can become debilitating and uncomfortable quickly. At Kings Canyon Chiropractic in Fresno, CA, we provide chiropractic treatments to reduce your pain and improve your well-being. Before you visit us, take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding headache and migraine relief below:


Why Choose Chiropractic for Headache Treatment?

Various types of headaches are caused by stress and tension that puts additional pressure on the spine and supporting structures. Along with that, the extra pressure and misalignment can lead to pain and discomfort. Whether it’s mild or more severe, it can affect your day-to-day activities. Our chiropractors can correct any misalignments and reduce the pressure in the affected regions, which will lessen the pain.

How Can Our Chiropractors Help with Migraine Treatment?

Our chiropractors also provide migraine treatment to help relieve your discomfort. Migraines can often be caused by spinal and upper cervical misalignment issues. Not only that, but they can also cause nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. When the upper spine and neck are realigned, you should notice a reduction in migraines over time.

Is Relief from Headaches and Migraines Really Possible?

The good news is that relief from migraines and headaches really is possible, especially when you visit our chiropractors regularly. If you are consistent with your appointments, we can ensure that your body is properly aligned, which can reduce the intensity or frequency of headaches and migraines. While it may take some time to reach your desired results, you should start to see some improvements quickly.

What Should You Ask Our Chiropractors Before Treatment?

Be sure to ask our chiropractors about the treatment plan for your headaches or migraines and what you can do to help or add value to the treatment. We may recommend some modifications, such as limiting caffeine intake, eating healthy, and making sure you get enough sleep. Our chiropractors may also combine various techniques to help you feel better.

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If you experience headaches or migraines often, let our team at Kings Canyon Chiropractic in Fresno, CA, help. With the right treatment, we can reduce your symptoms so you can return to your normal routine without discomfort. To schedule your first appointment, contact us at (559) 255-7121 today. When you’re looking for a chiropractor near me, we are happy to assist you!


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